About Light from the Super Earth

Light From the Super Earth is a soundscape of the galaxy, a captivating musical collage inspired by the unprecedented detection of light on a Super Earth, a planet twice the width ​of our own earth, 41 light years away. Imagine that light traveling through space to earth, inviting everyone here to receive light ​​ from the Super Earth, and to be connected by the light like a great human DNA chain.

Light From the Super Earth offers that invitation, from the imaginations of four master musicians including shakuhachi artist Debbie Danbrook, and from gifted producer Steve Raiman, the two who originated the vision. These intriguing, exciting and captivating sounds are what they believe the light would feel like as music. The journey of creation began with a chance meeting in Toronto between Debbie (shakuhachi flute and voice) and Grammy winner David Darling (cello and voice.) The musical outcome, blending the mysterious sounds of the shakuhachi with the soulful resonance of the cello, combines earth harmonies and healing tones in a spellbinding union.

The recording started in Toronto at Noble Studios with live off the floor improvisations engineered by George Seara. Additional tracks were added by Debbie and David in Boulder, Colorado at Immersive Studios, tracked by Mike Yach. Debbie’s collaboration with Chris Gartner (electric bass and atmospheres) created another dynamic element, as the bass waves added a haunting power to the music. In London, Neal Wilkinson (drums and percussion) added compelling tribal rhythms to connect our earth with the Super Earth. The drum sessions were recorded by Jon Kelly at Cake Studios. In Los Angeles, violinist Jim Sitterly, famous for his work on 'Lost', created the introduction for the title track. 

Back in Toronto at Kensington Sound, Ben Pelchat and Steve Raiman shaped the music into the Super Earth soundtrack. Next, the tracks were brilliantly mixed by award winning engineer Jeff Wolpert in Toronto at Desert Fish Studios.  The recording returned to England for mastering by Tim Young at Metropolis. Tim is the Grammy winner for his mastering of the Beatles' Love CD.

The resulting music is both ethereal and grounding.

The 11 tracks, each with diverse elements integrating beautifully, include moments of great intensity, and moments of profound peace. There are pieces with voluptuous, primal rhythms, and others with a dreamy and delightful sense of letting go. These musically eloquent works have a mysterious power, sometimes to engage the emotions, and other times to suspend them.

“We are here on our planet now for a critical reason --- to transform our energy into the vibration of light and love,” Debbie says. “The light from this Super Earth is a beautiful new light source for us to absorb into our hearts and souls, to radiate outwards.With almost 7 billion on earth right now, what an incredible web of light we can weave together.”


“This group of talented folks came together for this recording at a critical time in our planet’s evolution,” she says. “If we are going to live in peace, we need to shift our focus from darkness to light. Music is a powerful medium for transformation. Please join me in my mantra:     Breathe in love    Breathe out light.”   


Love, ​